Climate Change and New Evidence from Science, Engineering, and Policy


Discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals – 27 May 2019 | Climate change is much more than an environmental problem. It is one of the most important challenges humanity faces today, threatening gains in global development achieved in several decades as well as further progress in raising living standards and reducing poverty. Moreover, the effects of climate change stretch far beyond humanity, remaining a looming threat over all species and ecosystems at large.

In line with Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato si’ and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ efforts in recent years to raise awareness of the climate crisis, the main objective of the meeting is for climate experts and finance ministers to present and discuss new data and enhance awareness on climate change and sustainable development.
In the context of the recent launch of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action, co-chaired by Chile and Finland, discussions taken place during this meeting should provide additional perspective for Finance Ministers to consider in their efforts to strengthen collective action on the matter.
More specifically, the Coalition recently endorsed the Helsinki Principles, a set of six common principles that foster climate action, especially through the use of fiscal policy. Leading up towards COP25 that will take place in Chile this December, discussions may support work geared towards the Santiago Action Plan, a set of concrete actions that will be taken to make tangible progress to tackle climate change.